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NR281 Final Exam (Devry)


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NR 281 Final Exam (Devry)

  1. When discussing body fluid, it is correct to state that:
  2. Which of the following statements is TRUE? When discussing body fluid movement, it is correct to state that:
  3. When discussing aldosterone, it is correct to state that:
  4. When discussing hyperchloremia (elevated serum chlorine), it is correct to state that it:
  5. When discussing hyponatremia (low serum sodium), it is correct to state that it is generally:
  6. Which of the following is a TRUE statement regarding hyperkalemia (elevated serum potassium)?
  7. A patient has deep and rapid respirations. Laboratory tests reveal decreased pH and bicarbonate. This patient is experiencing:
  8. A common cause of the increased filtration of fluid from capillaries and lymph into surrounding tissues (edema) includes: Select all that apply.
  9. When discussing causes of hypernatremia (elevated serum sodium), it is correct to include: Select all that apply.
  10. When discussing common clinical manifestations of hypokalemia (low serum potassium), it is correct to state that: Select all that apply.

Chapter 1

  1. Which of the following is a TRUE statement regarding a eukaryotic cell? They:
  2. The function of the histone in a eukaryotic cell is best described as:
  3. The outer membrane of the eukaryotic cell is also referred to as the:
  4. The appropriate term for the organelle that is responsible for oxidative phosphorylation is the:
  5. The nature of an amphipathic lipid molecule is best described as:
  6. It is true that a “cellular receptor”:
  7. The process that involves neurotransmitters diffusing across the synaptic cleft is defined as:
  8. When discussing cellular energy, it is correct to state that:
  9. The term “diffusion” is best described as:
  10. A discussion regarding a solution would include mention that:
  11. The appropriate term for an “energy-releasing process” is:
  12. The simultaneous movement of two molecules in one direction is best described as:
  13. Plasma proteins exert a force called:
  14. The process by which cells “drink” is referred to as:
  15. The process by which nerve and muscle cells become more positive than negative is referred to as:
  16. The time period of the cell cycle during which RNA and protein synthesis occur is referred to as the:
  17. Which of the following are in the category of prokaryotes? Select all that apply.
  18. Proteins have the ability to function as: Select all that apply.
  19. The extracellular matrix is composed of: Select all that apply.
  20. A desmosome is described as a: Select all that apply.
  21. A function of signaling cascades includes message: Select all that apply.
  22. A decrease in workload, use, pressure, or blood supply appropriately describes:
  23. The appropriate term for the reversible replacement of one mature cell by another is:
  24. The ability to increase intracellular calcium concentrations and affect the nervous and hematopoietic systems is a characteristic of:
  25. A patient with a collection of blood that is located between the skull and the dura is diagnosed with a condition referred to as a(n):
  26. A tear or rip of the skin with a jagged and irregular edge is described as a(n):
  27. A characteristic of a stab wound includes:
  28. The appropriate term for fragments of burning or unburned pieces of gunpowder that are embedded in the epidermis is:
  29. Which term describes oxygen failing to reach the blood?
  30. The pigment that is correctly paired with its color is:
  31. The appropriate term to identify the nuclear dissolution and destruction of chromatin by action of hydrolytic enzymes is:
  32. A TRUE statement regarding calcium in cells is:
  33. Tuberculous infections are likely to result in a form of necrosis called:
  34. A correct concept related to aging is:
  35. The term apoptosis is appropriately defined as:
  36. The process of atrophy is a result of: Select all that apply:

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