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MGT 330 MGT330 Week 5 Final Exam Answers -2019 (Ashford)


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  1. Dual-career marriages, stress management, and employee outplacement are ________.
  2. Benefit packages typically comprise about _______% of an employee’s base pay.

  3. Which of the following scenarios describes the 360-degree assessment technique?

  4. Which of the following pieces of legislation help managers plan, budget work schedules, and provide clear guidelines for supervising employees?

  5. Jennifer consults the Dictionary of Occupational Titles to figure out how to define job duties for her store’s Floor Manager position. What job analysis task is Jennifer engaged in?

  6. Management training programs, mentoring programs, and coaching systems are examples of ________.

  7. What is the main difference between the equity and exchange philosophies of compensation?

  8. Belinda works at a pharmaceutical company that has not given its employees raises in nearly seven years. Belinda peacefully pickets her company in the hopes they will raise employee salaries. Which law protects Belinda’s right to do this?

  9. What is unique about staffing practices at the online shoe company Zappos?

  10. What is a key difference between managing and leading?

  11. Marc supported Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election. According to attribution theory, when Barak Obama won instead, Marc most likely

  12. What event heralded the onset of behavioral theories of leadership in the United States?

  13. According to French and Raven, which source of power does NOT have an informal side?

  14. Elissa is a mediator whose job is to arbitrate negotiations between unions and corporations. What kind of power does Elissa have?

  15. In reflecting on the complementary nature of managing and leading, John Kotter suggested that leadership is about coping with __________ while managing is about coping with __________.

  16. Martin is well liked by his peers and influences them using his personality, attitude, and behavior. What kind of power does Martin most likely have?

  17. Fred E. Fiedler’s LPC test requires a subject to describe a coworker they________.

  18. What makes communication dynamic?

  19. What is a consequence of too much cohesion in a group?

  20. Whenever Paula works in a group, she gives less effort than when she works individually. What term best describes this scenario?

  21. What may accompany the adjourning stage of group performance?

  22. All of the following factors increase group cohesion EXCEPT

  23. At which stage of a group- or team-building process do close relationships develop, giving rise to unity?

  24. At which stage of a group- or team-building process are conflicts resulting from individual personalities and roles most likely to arise?

  25. Which of the following statements is TRUE about both teams and groups?

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