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MGT 330 MGT330 Week 1 Quiz Answers -2019 (Ashford)


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  1. Only ____% of business organizations survive more than two years.
  2. Which of the following people do NOT represent an example of a front-line manager?

  3. Costco has been successful in part due to its unique approach to staffing. Which of the following statements correctly explains its approach in this area?

  4. Depending on its goals, an organization can be classified as

  5. Which of the following statements best describes the difference between line managers and staff managers?

  6. Before establishing her own dentist office, Dr. Thorton evaluates other dentist services in the area. What element of a SWOT analysis would other dentist services most closely represent?

  7. Which of the following lists correctly identifies the five management functions?

  8. Bella is head server at a chic Italian restaurant. What kind of manager is Bella?

  9. All of the following are areas are overseen by staff managers EXCEPT

  10. In his influential book The Concept of the Corporation, which company did management specialist Peter Drucker analyze as a large social institution involved with business activities?

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