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HA 425 Final Exam


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HA425 HA/425 HA 425 Final Exam (KAPLAN)

  1. Which of the following is an educational component for developing future health care leaders?
  2. Information technology (IT) contributes to the development of CQI in health care by: (Select all the apply)

  3. The slow improvement rates in patient safety is a:

  4. Which of the following is not part of the six quality aims of the Institute of Medicine?

  5. Over the past decade there has been a huge focus on education in health care systems, the problem is that education does not guarantee ___________ and improvement.

  6. What are the classifications of Reason’s GEMS for error types?

  7. What are the universal factors of accidents CORRECT   All of the above  

  8. Why is organizational learning significant in health care today?

  9. _____________ argues that systems change is gained by small incremental changes made by individuals, supported by their peers.

  10. Microsystem approach to quality improvement includes: CORRECT   Multidisciplinary team  

  11. Which of the following is a weakness of the organization-centered approach?

  12. Which of the following are approaches Medicare adopted to drive quality improvement at a national level  (Select all that apply):

  13. What does the success of accreditation ultimately rely on? (Select all that apply)

  14. Which one of the following is not a characteristic of CQI?

  15. Champions are

  16. The concept of team psychological safety includes:

  17. Lean Six Sigma methodology has its roots based on work from: CORRECT   Deming and Juran  

  18. A central element of CQI is

  19. Why is risk adjustment important when comparing results in healthcare?

  20. Today’s workplace with its layoffs, concern only for cost reduction, high rates of leadership and personnel change, and lack of organizational loyalty does not fit well with ___________________ to CQI.

  21. __________________ was the first to introduce ______________.

  22. The “Do” cycle of PDCA includes the following:

  23. The Institution for Healthcare Improvement was founded by:

  24. External comparison allows you to identify areas of ____________________.

  25. The statistical methodology of Six Sigma was developed in 1980 and is used in conjunction with “lean” methodology, which has its roots in work done by:

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