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GED 215 GED/215 GED215 Pretest


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GED 215 Pretest (CCU)

GED 215 Psychology of Adjustment

Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)


1. In today’s world, almost ________ percent of Americans use e-mail.

a. 75

b. 50

c. 100

d. 25


2. The highest degree of stability of personality has been found in the domain of

a. authoritarianism

b. introversion-extroversion

c. perfectionism

d. self-esteem


3. According to Erikson, the second stage of psychosocial development poses the developmental task of

a. autonomy vs. shame

b. industry vs. inferiority

c. trust vs. mistrust

d. initiative vs. guilt


4. Humanistic psychology has received national prominence as

a. deconstructivist

b. the third force in psychology

c. emphasizing individual sameness

d. Freud’s theory


5. With advancing age, individual differences in development become


a. no different

b. less pronounced

c. more pronounced

d. none of the above describe advancing age


6. Is there any way to predict Alzheimer’s disease?


a. yes, mild cognitive impairment at midlife often predicts later Alzheimer’s

b. yes, the way to test for it is to test for memory loss when it is first suspected

c. no, it is found only upon autopsy

d. no, there is no way to predict nor to diagnose it for sure



7. The more active a person is, the more satisfied a person remains is explained by

a. disenchantment

b. the climacteric

c. activity theory

d. disenfranchisement


8. Experiences that are consistent with both our sensory reactions and self-concept

a. are denied to awareness

b. are usually distorted

c. are rarely accurately labeled

d. comprise the core of our self-concept


9. One of the best ways to handle personal criticism is to take it as

a. a matter that requires you to defend yourself

b. a matter which requires immediate action

c. a cue that action may be required

d. the reflection of another person’s envy


10. A return to previous behavior is called

a. addiction

b. rebound

c. relapse

d. none of the above


11. Physical fitness is associated with

a. fighting some cancers

b. reducing anxiety

c. improved mood

d. all of the above


12. In the recommended process for making wise decisions, the fifth and final stage consists of

a. accepting the challenge

b. assessing your actions and decision

c. following through with your decision

d. searching for alternatives


13. According to Maslow’s hierarchical model of needs, the most urgent need is

a. the highest level of unmet needs

b. the need for self-actualization

c. the need for security and other social needs

d. the lowest level of unmet needs


14. Based on his cross-cultural research, Matsumoto claims that a seventh universal emotion expressed on the human face is

a. frustration

b. love

c. joy

d. contempt


15. Shyness in the extreme is called social anxiety, or

a. social phobia

b. unfamiliarity

c. psychopathic

d. biological predisposition


16. In what type of social influence situation do we follow direct commands from others?

a. interpersonal attraction

b. compliance

c. conformity

d. obedience


17. People who score high on the Realistic theme of the Strong Interest Inventory would most likely enjoy a job working as an

a. accountant

b. biologist

c. engineer

d. stockbroker


18. The most common reason Americans take a vacation is for

a. family togetherness

b. escape

c. self-discovery

d. relaxation


19. Which one of the following birth control techniques is regarded as most effective?

a. diaphragm

b. cervical cap

c. combined birth-control pills

d. condom


20. The divorce rate in the U.S. now stands at ________ percent.

a. 50

b. 75

c. 25

d. 5

21. What are common reactions to terrorism?

a. feeling tense

b. sleep problems

c. feeling numb

d. all of the above


22. In terms of mental disorders, most mental health professionals greatly attend to the statistical

a. rarity of the behavior

b. the legal model of insanity

c. the person’s reputation among his or her peers

d. the individual’s level of personal distress


23. Which of the following are obvious symptoms of psychosis?

a. fear of being alone and fear of high places

b. overeating and anxiety

c. delusions and hallucinations

d. none of these is a symptom of psychosis


24. ________ has been shown by multiple studies to reduce depression.

a. Eating more salt and less sugar

b. Exercise, such as jogging

c. Eating more sugar and less salt

d. Listening to classical music


25. What is a typical response of caregivers to long-term caregiving?

a. depression

b. relief when the cared for person dies

c. self-satisfaction

d. resentment

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