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EDU 440 EDU/440 EDU440 Week 5 Final Paper and Presentation


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EDU 440 Week 5 Final Paper

Subject Research Paper and Subject Research Presentation. Due by Day 7. In the summative assessment, you will write a paper and create a presentation. The first portion of your assessment will be the paper. Think of a situation or problem within your current job or civic activity that would require information on a subject that you know very little about. This subject will improve your job or current situation. Imagine that you will have to teach this information to your co-workers or to others in your group in order to solve the identified problem. To better understand this research assignment, each “Case in Point” segment within the textbook is an example of a working person who sees a problem in their work place and seeks research to solve the problem.

Your paper must include the following:

  1. The opening paragraph should introduce the reader to your job or civic responsibilities. It should include
    the issue that is problematic and the question you are researching to solve a problem. Make sure to clearly describe the problem and how you hope to solve it. 
  2. The paper should be personalized. Describe the group of people with whom you will be sharing this information. Describe why they need to know the information you want to present. 
  3. Next, summarize the main points of your presentation. Make sure to gather evidence from a variety of sources, both primary and secondary sources. The required resources are: 
    • one nonfiction book 
    • one reference source 
    • one general database 
    • one subject-specific database 
  • one scholarly journal 
  • one credible Web site

d. Finally, describe the research process and your research experience. Answer these questions: How have

you grown as a researcher? How will you help others increase their research skills?

Your paper must be formatted according to the 6th Edition APA standards and include a minimum of six scholarly resources. The paper must be a minimum of eight pages in length, not including Title and Reference pages. 

ubject Research Presentation. The second part of your final assessment will be a presentation. Think about how you will present the information from your paper to your audience. You may use PowerPoint, Prezi, Glogster, or another webtool of your choice. Your presentation must include the following:

  • A slide identifying the problem 
  • A slide describing your proposed solution 
  • Four to eight slides explaining your rationale for the solution; this is where you present your research
  • A slide with your sources. 
  • A slide with your contact information 

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