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CRJ 180 CRJ180 CRJ/180 Week 7 Quiz (Strayer)


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Strayer CRJ 180 Week 7 Quiz Answers - 2020

  1. According to a recent survey on school crime, _____% of schools reported gang activity
  2. In _____, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that school officials may conduct warrantless searches of individuals at school based on _____.
  3. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in _____ that school officials may legally search students and their lockers without consent.
  4. Victimization at school:
  5. In its decision in _____, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that corporal punishment in schools does not violate the Eighth Amendment.
  6. In a study of violence against teachers, ______ reported being threatened with injury by a student than did __.
  7. Nationwide, _____ and _____ are the most frequent targets of corporal punishment in schools.
  8. Students facing suspension or expulsion from school have legal rights.
  9. Research has found that schools with zero-tolerance policies are _____ orderly and secure than schools that use a case-by-case approach.
  10. According to a nationwide study, about _____% of children are involved in bullying
  11. Children are ____ times more likely to be murdered away from school than at school.

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