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CRJ 180 CRJ180 CRJ/180 Week 5 Quiz (Strayer)


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Strayer CRJ 180 Week 5 Quiz Answers - 2020

  1. According to Glen Elder, youths who experience precocious transitions
  2. Developmental theorists are not as interested in _____ or _____ measures of delinquency as they are in the progression of change over time.
  3. Which of the following is/are a developmental risk factor(s) for delinquency?
  4. According to differential oppression theory, girls in patriarchal societies are doubly oppressed. That is:
  5. According to the text, patriarchy is:
  6. In coercive exchange theory, a temper tantrum by a child who is refused a toy in a store:
  7. Early criminological theories focused on biological differences between the sexes. Cesare Lombroso saw women as:
  8. By age _____, children have become aware of their gender and of the behaviors appropriate to it.
  9. According to Robert Sampson and John Laub, two of the most important turning points in life that can derail a youth from continued antisocial behavior are:
  10. According to Clifford Shaw and Henry McKay’s studies of the impact of social disorganization on delinquency, female delinquency:
  11. Albert Cohen viewed female delinquency as:

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