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Ashford HRM 400 Week 1 Quiz Answers


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Ashford HRM 400 Week 1 Quiz Answers

Question 1The analyst is referred to as a power user because this person accesses more areas of the HRIS than almost any other user.

Question 2To add value to HRM, the use of an HRIS is focused primarily on increasing which of the following kind of tasks or activities?

Question 3A focus on data, storage, processing, and flows at the operational level and efficient transaction processing is referred to as a Management Information System (MIS).

Question 4Management scholars have argued that future economic and strategic advantage will rest with the organizations that can most effectively attract, develop and retain a diverse group of the best and the brightest human talent in the market place.

Question 5A field is an attribute of an entity that is stored in a table.

Question 6Successful implementation is the central goal of every HRIS project, and it begins with a comprehensive design for the system.

Question 7Recruiting new employees from the external labor market is an example of an HR transactional activity.

Question 8One of the benefits of a relational database systems is that:

Question 9Patterns in large data sets are identified through:

Question 10HR metrics are:

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