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ADM554 Workshop Six - 6.6 Dropbox


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ADM 554 Workshop Six - 6.6 Dropbox

Starwood: A) Sales and Operations Planning, and, B) Final Paper

Part A: Sales and Operations Planning


Part A Resources


• Textbook: Operations Management: Processes and Supply Chains

• Video Library


Part A Background Information


The focus of Part A is Starwood’s sales and operations planning. It takes a look at planning from the perspective of both corporate planners and individual hotel property general managers. These two perspectives give a unique view of what the aggregate planning process looks like and how it gets translated into operational plans at the property level.


Part A Instructions


1. Watch “ Starwood: Sales and Operations Planning ” and read the Video Case “Sales and Operations Planning at Starwood” at the end of Chapter 15 in the textbook. Also review other source material, including your textbook, related specifically to Starwood or other organizations that have had similar activities and experiences.

2. After a thorough analysis of the Video and other materials that you have reviewed, prepare your sixth report to Starwood, entitled “Starwood: Sales and Operations Planning”. Your report will include the following issues:

a. At what points in the planning process would you expect accounting/finance, marketing, information systems, and operations to play a role? What inputs should these areas provide, and why?

b. Does Starwood employ a chase, mixed, or a level strategy? Why is this approach the best choice for the company?

c. How would staffing for the opening of a brand new hotel or resort differ from that of an existing property? What data might Starwood rely upon to make sure the new property is not over- or under-staffed in its first year of operation?

3. This report will not be submitted as a separate document. Its contents will be included and integrated into the Final Report. See Part B that follows for information about the Final Report.

Part B: Final Report



Part B Introduction and Alignment


During Workshop-One through Workshop Six you have had the opportunity to analyze, research, and document several of the key management functions of Starwood. For the Final Report, you are to synthesize and integrate the data of those six reports into one comprehensive document. A mere compilation of the six weekly reports as they were originally submitted is not acceptable.
Hint: for the Final Report there will be only one Introduction Section, one Body of Text Section, one Conclusion Section, and one Reference Section.


Part B Instructions


1. Compile your completed 22 – 24 page Final Report paper, which consolidates and integrates the six individual reports, in accordance with APA standards. The outline/format of this Final Report can be determined by you. If you are unsure of this requirement, it is best to inquire of your instructor.

2. Submit your report using the Dropbox by the end of the workshop.

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