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ACC 401 Week 1 Quiz (Ashford)


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ACC 401 Week 1 Quiz (Ashford)

  1. What is the amount of the personal and dependency exemption for 2014?
  2. To be a qualifying child, the taxpayer must meet three general tests and five specific tests. What are the three general tests?
  3. Which court hears most of the litigated tax disputes between the IRS and taxpayers?
  4. Sallie earned $85,000 and paid $5,950 of income tax; Theodore earned $33,000 and paid $2,310 of income tax. The tax rate structure they are subject to is:
  5. The basic standard deduction in 2014 for a Head of Household taxpayer who is 41 years old and not blind is:
  6. A tax rate that remains the same as the tax base increases is an example of what kind of tax rate structure?
  7. When a taxpayer can be claimed as a dependent on the tax return of another individual, the basic standard deduction for the taxpayer is limited to the greater of (a) ______, or (b) the taxpayer's earned income plus $350, but not more than the amount of the basic standard deduction.
  8. What is the amount of the tax liability for a married couple having taxable income of $153,500? All answers should be rounded to the nearest dollar.
  9. The following fringe benefit provided by the employer is not taxable to the employee:
  10. Which of the following would disqualify a taxpayer from filing a Form 1040EZ?

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