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SEC 402 Week 5 Midterm Answers


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SEC 402 Week 5 Midterm Answers (Strayer)

  1. ____ functions are those that involve tasks associated with the establishment of the operational security measures, including programs, policies, and procedures.
  2. The intent of the EBK is to present the most comprehensive possible listing of the ____ that could potentially help an organization become more secure.
  3. The EBK contains what is recognized to be a coherent and correct set of behaviors based on ____.
  4. The aim of a high-level model like the EBK is to provide a strategic ____ that specifies all of the commonly accepted activities and inter-relationships associated with good security.
  5. The work of actually vetting and compiling the competencies in the EBK was done by a group of ____.
  6. ____ are data that can be used to identify a single individual.
  7. The physical security professional is the role that is directly responsible for designing, maintaining, and improving the ____ plan.
  8. The purpose of the ____ function is to ensure the long-term survival of the organization’s information assets.
  9. The identification of vulnerabilities is usually done through ____ tests.
  10. In the particular case of ____, the physical security professional is responsible for installing, testing, and updating the physical security controls.
  11. IT departments install technical countermeasures, but ____ have the responsibility to deploy accompanying physical security controls.
  12. The first step in any cybersecurity process is to ____.
  13. It is essential that the people responsible for assuring information follow a disciplined and well-defined ____.
  14. Under the ____ rule, protection isn’t adequate if any part of it can be exploited.
  15. A reasonably accurate ____ of the important information that the organization considers valuable and where it is kept is important.
  16. An architecture comprising all necessary components to accomplish a given purpose is known as ____.
  17. The steps taken to gather and analyze digital evidence are known as a ____.
  18. In actual execution, ____ typically implies a formal set of procedures to ensure that the contracts, plans, and subsequent interactions with the supplier minimize risk by facilitating the maximum amount of communication and understanding.
  19. ____ is planning based on responding to scenarios; in the case of security, this is also known as “disaster planning.”
  20. The policy layer perspective which is most commonly involved in the development of strategic plans is the ____.
  21. Digital forensics operations can be extremely ____ intensive.
  22. The formal assurance that evidence has passed from agency to agency without tampering is known as the ____.
  23. Digital forensics operations are often ____.
  24. Physical and ____ security ensures access to equipment and physical information storage places.
  25. ____ is court proceedings related to non-criminal legal action.
  26. The coordination and control process must maintain the traceability between each ____ and the purposes of the generic recommendation it implements.
  27. The digital forensics competency has the required functional perspective of ____.
  28. The enterprise continuity competency has the required functional perspective of ____.
  29. The procurement competency has the required functional perspective of ____.
  30. The problem of ____ has to be resolved if the recommendations of the EBK are ever going to be put into practice.
  31. A(n) ____ guides individual access and employment of data.
  32. ____ incidents include such things as pre-attack probes, unauthorized access attempts, or structural vulnerabilities.
  33. In ____ cryptography, the same key is used for both encryption and decryption.
  34. In simple terms, cryptography involves a(n) ____ algorithm.
  35. ____ authentication is highly secure because physical characteristics such as fingerprints are unique to the individual and hard to duplicate.
  36. A lot of forensic evidence exists as ____ information within a computer system.
  37. ____ clogs user inboxes and can adversely affect the performance of the system if it is not removed in a timely fashion.
  38. The ____ policy dictates how and in what timeframe spam is removed.
  39. The one single aspect of the conventional data processing operation that is certain to require definition from a forensic perspective is the ____ policy.
  40. The actual requirements for each forensics project are derived from ____.

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