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PHI 111 PHI111 Final Exam with Answers (UNCG)


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PHI 111 Final Exam Answers (UNC Greensboro)

Definitional questions:

1. What is computationalism? 
2. What is functionalism? 
3. What is speciesism? 
4. What is the Turing Test?
5. What is a descriptive statement?
6. What is a prescriptive statement? 
7. What is the “is/ought” problem? 
8. What is moral realism (aka moral objectivism or moral universalism)?
9. What is moral relativism?
10. What is psychological egoism?
11. What is ethical egoism? 
12. What core assumption regarding “what is right” grounds ethical egoism?
13. What core assumption regarding “what is right” grounds cultural relativism?
14. What are the main tenets of deontology (aka duty ethics)?
15. What is the Principle of the Good Will?
16. What are the main tenets of utilitarianism?
17. What is the Greatest Happiness Principle?
18. What is systemic injustice (aka structural injustice)?
Text summary (analysis) questions:
19. What is the basic plot of Robot & Frank?
20. What is the difference between “strong AI” and “weak AI”, according to John Searle?
21. What is the scenario described in Searle’s “Chinese Room” thought experiment? 
22. What is the philosophical purpose of Searle’s “Chinese Room” thought experiment?
23. What is the scenario described in William Lycan’s “Harry and Henrietta” thought experiments? Harry- Can pass all A and B type questions and is humanoid in form. Is he a person? 
24. What are the ways that computers can be unpredictable, according to Lycan? Bugs in programming, physical defects, randomizing code, etc.
25. What is the basic plot of Groundhog Day?
Critical thinking questions:
34. Why can we call Searle an “anti-computationalist”? 
35. Why can we call Lycan a “functionalist”? 
36. What are some philosophical questions that Gattaca raises (name one or two; for guidance: movie questionnaire questions 11-13)? 

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