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MAT510 Midterm Exam 1 (Strayer)


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MAT 510 Midterm Exam 1

  1. Understanding variation is important because variation
  2. Why is it so difficult for a person or an organization to improve?
  3. Process improvement activities typically include:
  4. The standard deviation is:
  5. Which of the following are principles of Statistical Thinking?
  6. Figure 2.16 shows a chart of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from 1990 through 2011. This plot reveals some obvious change points, such as the 2008 financial collapse, and some unexplainable short-term variation. Assuming that these are the only sources of variation in this plot, what source of variation is NOT visible in the plot?
  7. Box, Hunter, and Hunter are quoted in this chapter as stating: “Data have no meaning in themselves; they are meaningful only in relation to a conceptual model of the phenomenon studied.” This critical point is related to which of the following principles of statistical thinking
  8. It is, unfortunately, common in business for managers to demand an explanation for variation that is, based on statistics, typical and expected variation, i.e., common cause variation. Alternatively, there may be obvious special causes in the data that may be shrugged off as “typical business fluctuations”. Which of the following statements about interpretation of variation are true?
  9. The Statistical Thinking Strategy illustrated in Figure 2.14 provides a graphic of the overall approach to driving improvement through statistical thinking. Which of the following is a key principle illustrated in this specific graph
  10. Figure 2.15 displays a model of the statistics discipline, showing the relationship between statistical thinking, statistical engineering, and statistical methods and tools. Which of the following is a principle illustrated by this model?
  11. What is tool that can be used to detect the structure variation?
  12. The fact that processes tend to be dynamic, rather than static, is a key principle of statistical thinking. Which of the following is a natural consequence of this fact
  13. Process complexity is important because complex processes
  14. Processes are important because
  15. Viewing a business as a system is important because
  16. The Hidden Factory is
  17. Refer to Figure 3.21 and choose the correct statement for the measurements
  18. Process measurements are
  19. Sub-optimization occurs when:
  20. Which type of variation was critical to resolving the realized revenue case study
  21. We learned in Chapter 3 that the measurement process is always important and worthy of our attention. However, in Chapter 4 we found that measurement can be absolutely critical to solving the problem. For which of the case studies in Chapter 4 was measurement NOT discussed as a critical issue?
  22. Suppose the Problem Solving Framework were used to attack a problem where the process in question was inherently stable. Which of the following would be a likely result of this effort?
  23. Suppose the Process Improvement Framework were used to attack a problem where the process in question was inherently unstable. Which of the following would be a likely result of this effort?
  24. Which of the following are accurate statements about the relationship between the Process Improvement Framework (PIF) and the Problem Solving Framework (PSF)?
  25. The Problem Solving Framework begins with a “Document the Problem” phase. The Process Improvement Framework does not begin this way, but rather begins with an “Understand the Process phase.” Which of the following are valid reasons for this difference?

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