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GB 519 GB/519 GB519 Unit 1 Quiz (Kaplan)


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GB 519 GB/519 GB519 Unit 1 Quiz (Kaplan)

  1. All of the following are examples of total quality management practices except:
  2. Which of the following is not a consequence of lack of strategic information?

  3. Which of the following does not represent a main focus of cost management information?

  4. A large company has recently been experiencing larger than normal inventory levels. Management would like to implement a theory of constraints system to help control the company's inventories. Which of the following is not a benefit associated with the theory of constraints?

  5. Effective execution of the cost leadership strategy requires all of the following except:

  6. In order to remain competitive in the contemporary business environment, several firms have started training their employees to stop viewing problems as strictly functional - that is, as only a marketing problem, or an accounting problem, for example. What does this trend illustrate about strategic management?

  7. The World Resources Institute has defined:

  8. Patagonia, maker of clothing and gear for outdoor enthusiasts, is very conscious of sustainability issues. The company chose not to produce a product because:

  9. Which of the following is not an example of a product cost?

  10. The Gray Company has a staff of five clerks in its general accounting department. Three clerks who work during the day perform sundry accounting tasks; the two clerks who work in the evening are responsible for (1) collecting the cost data for the various jobs in process, (2) verifying manufacturing material and labor reports, and (3) supplying production reports to the supervisors by the next morning. The salaries of these two clerks who work at night should be classified as:

  11. The total manufacturing cost consists of the costs for materials used, labor, and ________.

  12. Variable costs within the relevant range for a firm are assumed:

  13. Assume the following information pertaining to a Company: 

  14. Assume the following information pertaining to Moonbeam Company:

  15. Tierney Construction, Inc. recently lost a portion of its financial records in an office theft. The following accounting information remained in the office files:

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