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DeVry HIM 355 Midterm Exam Answers


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Question 1

(CO 1) Surgical procedures performed in ambulatory surgery centers generally do not require more than how many hours of recovery time?   

Question 2

(CO 1) The first listed or primary diagnosis assigned for a resident of a long-term care/skilled nursing facility is the 

Question 3

(CO 1) In order to clarify documentation, the preferred method of contact between a coder and a physician is

Question 4

(CO 1) Internet access is fast becoming a necessary tool for coding professionals because it

Question 5

(CO 1) It is recommended that the coders are evaluated at least quarterly for the purpose of measurement and assurance of

Question 6

(CO 1) An alternative to the retrospective coding model is the _____ coding model in which records are coded while the patient is still an inpatient in the hospital.

Question 7

(CO 2) In most instances, the owner of the CDM in a healthcare facility is the

Question 8

(CO 2) Which of the following can assist managers with the tasks of monitoring productivity and forecasting budgets? 

Question 9

(CO 2) Medicare reimburses for covered and necessary outpatient laboratory procedures performed in a hospital by

Question 10

(CO 2) All of the following are required elements of a charge description master EXCEPT

Question 11

(CO 2) Local coverage determinations describe when and under what circumstances which of the following is met? 

Question 12

(CO 2) In the chargemaster, a service charge that points to multiple codes needed to correctly express the activity is called 

Question 13

(CO 3) One tool that a manager can use to evaluate productivity requirements is 

Question 14

(CO 3) Optimum workflow is dependent not only on the efficient sequence of record-processing functions, but also on 

Question 15

(CO 3) One of your inpatient coders has requested that she be allowed to work from home due to her long commute. You have the technology and administration supports the idea. Of the following, which is the best reason to consider converting this facility-based coder to a home-based coder? 

Question 16

(CO 3) Advantages of using an encoder include all of the following EXCEPT 

Question 17

(CO 3) The primary resource in any coding area is 

Question 18

(CO 3) Which of the following is most likely to draw the attention of the Internal Revenue Service to the tax returns of an independent consultant? 

Question 19

(CO 4) A patient was admitted to the hospital on September 15, 2016, and discharged on October 5, 2016. In order to code this record correctly, the coder must use the version of ICD-10-CM updated on 

Question 20

(CO 4) The use of unspecified codes, such as external causes or administrative services are common in 

Question 21

(CO 4) Which of the following settings uses extender codes to add specificity to ICD-10-CM or CPT codes? 

Question 22

(CO 4) Pharmaceutical companies use the Medical Dictionary for Drug Regulatory Affairs (MedDRA) to report 

Question 23

(CO 4) In converting ICD-9-CM data to ICD-10-CM, the coder should 

Question 24

(CO 4) The coding system that is expected to play a significant role in the development of the electronic health record is 

Question 25

(CO 5) Which of these payment status indicators show that no APC payment will be made if the service is provided to a hospital outpatient? 

Question 26

(CO 5) HIM coding does not determine payment directly in 

Question 27

(CO 5) LTC-DRGs apply to reimbursement in which of the following settings? 

Question 28

(CO 5) APR DRGs group to how many severity subclasses? 

Question 29

(CO 5) The most widely used inpatient case-mix system is based on 

Question 30

(CO 5) The comprehensive assessment tool that captures data for the home health prospective payment system is 

Question 31

(CO 6) In Phase 3 of the transition process, staff may be involved with which of the following issues? 

Question 32

(CO 6) Anyone who uses coded data for whatever purpose is a _____ of the coding process. 

Question 33

(CO 7) Quality standards for coding accuracy should be 

Question 34 

(CO 7) Which method of calculating errors from an inpatient record review recognizes the coder’s ability to identify all codes that require reporting? 

Question 35

(CO 8) Define the key concepts of SMART goals. 

Question 38

(CO 1) List and describe the three auxiliary tasks that coders may be asked to perform.

Question 39

(CO 2) Describe the process of CDM maintenance. 

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