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Bibl104 Quiz 3 Answers (Liberty)


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Bibl 104 Quiz 3 Answers (Liberty)

  1. What was King Solomon’s achievement?
  2. Despite his physical strength given by the power of the spirit, Samson’s inability to conquer his own passions ultimately led to his defense
  3. Why did God allow Assyria and Babylon to conquer Israel and Judah?
  4. The Davidic covenant points to its ultimate fulfillment in Jesus Christ. The promises to David anticipate the coming of David’s greater son who will rule in perfect obedience to Gods covenant. 
  5. 1 and 2 Kings are expressed from the perspective of the prophets in their dealing with the Kings of Israel and Judah.
  6. God used Esther to protect the Messianic line of Christ. 
  7. Despite their failings, Israel’s practices of religious compromise did not lead to moral corruption and civil catastrophe in Judges
  8. Ezra's love for the word of God influenced his life and ministry as he led the people through moral reformation and covenant renewal.
  9. The major theological theme of Chronicles is: 
  10. The providence of God is not evident in the book of Esther: 
  11. In Samuel, we see that God's vision for Israel’s king was very much in line with the vision of the type of king the people desired.
  12. Why was the building of the second temple so important for the Jewish people and religion? 
  13. What was Israel’s major struggle for survival during the era of the judges?
  14. The message of Judges is:
  15. The recurring theme we see in the rule of the judges is ___ which was displayed in her covenant violations of idolatry and immorality. 
  16. What does Esther’s experience tell us about God's working in our own lives? 
  17. What does Esther’s experience tell us about God's working in our own lives? 
  18. Many believe Mordecai was the original author of the book of Esther
  19. How do we see God's providence at work in the events described in the book of Ezra?
  20. David’s faith in the Lords was a key difference between Saul and David

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