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Bibl104 Quiz 2 Answers (Liberty)


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Bibl 104 Quiz 2 Answers (Liberty)

  1. ___ illustrates how God is the redeemer from injustice, sin, and oppression and thus serves as a paradigm for all future redemption. 
  2. In what way is Abraham’s faith an example to us today? Abraham believed God, and it was credited to him as 
  3. In the Old Testament you will encounter the following genres, narrative, law, poetry, prophecy, epistle, gospel, and wisdom. 
  4. How does the Passover prefigure Christ’s death for us? 
  5. What was the significance of age twenty as an age of accountability for Israelite men?
  6. How did the establishment of cities of refuge ensure social justice in Israel?
  7. In what way are human beings uniquely created by God?
  8. Which of the following was not a part of the preparations that were made by the Israelites before they attempted to conquer the cities of Canaan.
  9. How did the conquest fulfill God's covenant promises to Abraham's descendants?
  10. The laws of sanctification were intended to mark Israel as a unique people who were separated from the practices of their pagan neighbors: 
  11. Literary Genre refers to the different types of literature found in the bible: 
  12. Deuteronomy does not parallel suzerain vassal treaties common in the ancient Near East? 
  13. The significance of the divine name I AM refers to God's authority and preeminence.
  14. The mosaic covenant offered the nation of Israel the opportunity to be the vessel through which God would transmit his redemptive purposes to the rest of mankind. 
  15. The fallen nature of humanity affected our relationship to God by resulting in broken communication with the creator
  16. How did Joshua divide the land of Canaan in order to conquer it?
  17. What does the book of Numbers teach us about our walk with God? 
  18. In what way does Deuteronomy read like a series of case laws?
  19. At Kadesh barnea the Israelites turned back in unbelief and then wandered in the wilderness: 
  20. Moses was a Hebrew leader who was experience with the life of the Egyptian court and yet had a traditional Semitic social background: 

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