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Bibl104 Quiz 1 Answers (Liberty)


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Bibl 104 Quiz 1 Answers (Liberty)

  1. According to Hayes and Duval the bible is not a book of abstract technical information. It is a book about relationships, primarily relationships between:
  2. A biblical worldview does not require the belief that the bible is authoritative.
  3. In what way does the Pentateuch (Torah) lay the foundation for Western civilization? 
  4. What does the term canon mean in relation to biblical books?
  5. According to Hayes and Duvall, sometimes an author will introduce an idea with a general statement - that is an overview or summary of their main idea. The author will then follow this general statement with the ____ of the idea
  6. What are some basic rules of interpretation that we reviewed that we should apply to reading the bible?
  7. Towns and Hindson tells us to Interpret every verse in light of the authors:
  8. In which language was the New Testament written?
  9. The threefold divisions of the Hebrew canon are the law the prophets and the writings
  10. The process in which the canon was formed is rather complicated. However some offer the following three tests for a book to be considered part of the canon: 1) apostolicity, 2) rule of faith and 3) being heavily debated and contested. 
  11. To live out a biblical worldview a person must seek to understand and then to apply Gods truth. 
  12. The context of a biblical passage is very important.
  13. Historical-cultural context refers to the biblical writer, biblical audience, and any other historical cultural elements touch on by the passage itself. 
  14. The bible is written in a variety of literary genres. 
  15. According to Hayes and Duvall there are the five steps of the Interpretive Journey
  16. According to Hayes and Duvall, most of us read the bible too quickly and we skip over the details of the text. 
  17. Hebrew poetry is rich in its use of figurative language.
  18. Regarding the reliability of the Old Testament documents, according to Towns and Hindson, no other documents from the ancient world were accurately copied, preserved and transmitted as the Old Testament scriptures
  19. What is the function and purpose of textual criticism?
  20. The Holy Spirit helps us understand scripture, but he doesn’t eliminate knowing the rules of grammar, understanding the meaning of words, or studying the historical background of the text.

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