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ACC 206 ACC206 Week 3 Video Quiz Chapter 5 with Answers


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ACC 206 Principles of Accounting II Week 3 Video Quiz Chapter 5 Answers

In business, mixed costs are actually quite common. (Points : 1)

Question 2. 2. Under the high-low method of estimating fixed and variable costs from a mixed cost the highest and lowest cost levels are identified and the difference in activity is deemed to represent variable cost. (Points : 1)

Question 3. 3. To calculate regression to find the fixed portion of mixed costs one needs to know how to use a slide rule. (Points : 1)

Question 4. 4. The goal of CVP analysis is to provide a foundation for pricing decisions, product offerings, and management of an organization’s cost structure. (Points : 1)

Question 5. 5. Changes in per-unit revenue, without changes in total fixed costs or per-unit variable costs can sometimes cause drastic impacts on firm profits. (Points : 1)

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